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Liron Sissman, artist, MBA Welcome

If you are looking to find a way to turn your love into your life's work, you came to the right place!

I help visual artists working in all mediums and styles succeed. I will guide you through an achievable plan of action that will help fast forward your career. I advise artists on all matters related to business, marketing, exhibitions, and selling.

Artist Advisory is headed by Liron Sissman, M.B.A., New York University, and a listed, collected, artist. Liron's artworks are in corporate collections nationwide and in hundreds of private collections on three continents.

In addition to one on one consultation sessions Liron also offers Workshops and represents selected artists who have retained her services to promote their work.

Request free consultation Looking to sell more of your art? Wish you had an agent? If your art is nature based, still-life, whimsical, or abstract in any medium, Liron's ebook:
Getting Your Art into Corporate Collections
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will walk you through how to successfully enter the corporate, healthcare, and hospitality art markets and why you should. Just click and download.

"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." - Mark Twain

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ArtistAdvisory's Blog
  • Are you selling through art consultants?

    Many artists are so focused on obtaining gallery representation that they often overlook other potentially more profitable, and dare I say, easier to work with channels. They probably have a good reason. While galleries exists on many street corners, are visible, some even advertise, and one can just walk into them, few artists know enough about art consultants to either find them or know how t ... Read more..  Ph: 201-952-1666
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