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Liron Sissman, artist, MBA Welcome

If you are an artist looking to find a way to turn your love into your life's work, you came to the right place! I help visual artists working in all mediums and styles succeed.

I will help you identify your art unique value proposition and guide you through an achievable plan of action that will help fast-forward your career and up-level your business. I advise artists on all matters related to business, marketing, and selling.

I'm Liron Sissman: A professional artist, an M.B.A., and the founder of Artist Advisory. My art is in corporate collections nationwide and in hundreds of private collections on three continents.

I consult and mentor artists one-on-one, lead art business, strategy, and marketing workshops, and represent selected artists who retain my services to promote their work.

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"If you do what you've always done, you'll get what you've always got." - Mark Twain

The Art of profiting from your Art
  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part IV

    So far in this blog series (Part I, II, and III) I have addressed six common website mistakes I see many artists make. Are you one of them? I’ll continue in this post where I left off.

    7) Not using your website email

    Most artists that email me are using an email provider such as: gmail, yahoo, hotmail, mac, and optonline rather than their own website domain email. As a ... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part III


    Let me continue this blog series by pointing out an additional common website mistake many artists make. Are you one of them?

    While I’m addressing common artists website mistakes in no particular order I suggest you read this blog series starting with ‘Part I’ and ‘Part II’. These two earlier posts cover five common website mistakes many artists make. I’ll continue where I had lef ... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make – Part II

    perfecting_your_journeyWhile I’m addressing common artists website mistakes in no particular order, you may wish to read this blog series starting with Part I. In it, I list the first three common wesite mistakes many artists make. I will continue from there highlighting some additional ‘opportunities’ technology gives us that many artists fail to take advantage of.

    Are you one of ... Read more..

  • (T̶e̶n̶) Thirteen biggest website mistakes artists make:

    checkmateAs I started considering this topic for my next blog post, I quickly realized there were more than just ten. In fact, on first count, I came up with thirteen. I will not address them all today. I will start with the first three going down the list in no particular order:

    1) Having just one image on your Home page

    While having an image is better than having no image, you don’t want to put ... Read more..

  • How to sell through art consultants and why you should

    Liron Sissman art in Medical Centers

    Many artists are so focused on obtaining gallery representation that they often overlook other potentially more profitable, and dare I say, easier to work with channels. They probably have a good reason. While galleries exists on many street corners, are visible, some even advertise, and one can just walk into them, few artists know enough about art consultan ... Read more..  Ph: 201-952-1666
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